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Updated the usage limitations in the README file.

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......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ In `Document > Settings... > Modules`, select `Change bars` and click `Add` foll
Change bars will appear in the output only if `Document > Change Tracking > Show Changes in Output` is selected.
**IMPORTANT:** The `Change bars` module will not work with any compilation method other than `PDF (pdflatex)`.
**IMPORTANT:** The `Change bars` module currently does not work with XeTeX or dvipdfm output. If the LaTeX dvipost package is installed, `Change bars` will not work with any compilation method other than `PDF (pdflatex)`.
### Options
Please consult the package documentation for details regarding options to the `changebar` package. One commonly used option determines the placement of the change bars. The choices (fairly self-explanatory) are `outerbars`, `innerbars` (default), `leftbars` and `rightbars`. To specify the location, enter the option in `Document > Settings... > Document Class > Class options > Custom:`.
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