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......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ Import libraries. We use the ncon interface, provided in TensorNetwork, for calc
__Cell 2:__
`def build_hamiltonian()`: Here we build the pairing Hamiltonian following the same logic as in `testing_tensorflow_v2`. The difference is that we have included delta functions `delta2B()` and `deltaPB()` that decide the value of the matrix element defined by the input single particle states. The `deltaPB()` function gives us matrix elements defined by a new pair-breaking/-creating term we have introduced to couple off-diagonal blocks of the Hamiltonian (e.g. 0p-0h couples to 1p-1h, 1p-1h couples to 2p-2h). This term is written as
__Cell 3:__
Functions that define occupation tensors in the same way as `testing_tensorflow_v2`. We provide the option to treat each occupation tensor as a rank equal to either the same number of indices that appear in the equation within the text, or a rank twice that number of indices.
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