Commit b387ab5e authored by Davison, Jacob's avatar Davison, Jacob
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added etaNB attribute to 2B wegner generator

parent f6be6f73
......@@ -53,6 +53,24 @@ class WegnerGenerator(Generator):
self._occRef1 = tn.ncon([Ga,Gb], [(-1,1),(1,-2)]) # n_a(1-n_b)
self._occRef2 = tn.ncon([tn.Node(np.transpose(Gb.tensor)), tn.Node(np.transpose(Ga.tensor))], [(-1,1),(1,-2)]) # (1-n_a)n_b
self._eta1B = np.zeros_like(self.f)
self._eta2B = np.zeros_like(self.G)
def eta1B(self):
eta1B -- one-body generator"""
return self._eta1B
def eta2B(self):
eta2B -- one-body generator"""
return self._eta2B
def f(self):
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