Commit bfc2cddc authored by Davison's avatar Davison
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slight change to holes property

parent 59ef7fbc
......@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ class PairingHamiltonian2B(Hamiltonian):
self._reference = np.append(np.ones(n_hole_states), np.zeros(n_particle_states))
self._reference = ref
self._holes = np.arange(n_hole_states, dtype=np.int64)
self._holes = np.arange(n_hole_states, dtype=np.int64)
self._n_sp_states = n_hole_states + n_particle_states
self._particles = np.arange(n_hole_states,self.n_sp_states, dtype=np.int64)
self._sp_basis = np.append(self.holes, self.particles)
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