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This is a cool app built with PHANTASY!
# ARIS-VA-Ellipse
This is a high-level physics application built upon ``phantasy`` framework.
The EPICS controls environment is provided by ARIS virtual accelerator (VA)
(pre-separator), the UI skeleton is provided by ``phantasy-ui``, and
the device controls is provided by ``phantasy``.
## Initialize App Skeleton
makeBasePyQtApp --app myApp --template AppWindow
## Start ARIS VA
Set environmental variable ``PHANTASY_CONFIG_DIR`` in your ``~/.bashrc`` file persistently to point to the location where keeps the VA configuration files, e.g.:
export PHANTASY_CONFIG_DIR=$HOME/phantasy-machines
Start VA from Terminal:
phytool flame-vastart --mach ARIS --subm F1
## Communicate with ARIS VA
Use ``phantasy`` to control the VA in an interactively way in Python terminal.
from phantasy import MachinePortal
# Instantiate the portal of the machine
mp = MachinePortal("ARIS", "F1")
# Find the device by type, see the doc of mp.get_elements()
# first quad could be found by:
quad0 = mp.get_elements(type='QUAD')[0]
# Explore the attributes of quad0 through dot syntax
# e.g. the current gradient value could be got by .B2
# Set the B2 field by assigning with a new value, e.g.
quad0.B2 = 10
## Development Workflow
1. Edit .ui file in ``frib_designer``, which is a command tool from package ``phantasy_ui``;
2. Convert .ui file to .py file with ``pyuic5``: ``pyuic5 ui_app.ui -o -x``;
3. Run app by ``python3``.
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