Commit e0b2e310 authored by Tong Zhang's avatar Tong Zhang
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REF: Show xylabels for ellipse drawing.

parent 0fedba14
...@@ -188,14 +188,19 @@ class MyAppWindow(BaseAppForm, Ui_MainWindow): ...@@ -188,14 +188,19 @@ class MyAppWindow(BaseAppForm, Ui_MainWindow):
anote=False) anote=False)
def _plot_ellipse(self, figure_obj, params, **kws): def _plot_ellipse(self, figure_obj, params, **kws):
xoy = kws.get('xoy', 'x')
xlbl = f"{xoy} [mm]"
ylbl = f"{xoy}' [mrad]"
figure_obj.clear_figure() figure_obj.clear_figure()
draw_beam_ellipse_with_params(params, draw_beam_ellipse_with_params(params,
ax=figure_obj.axes, ax=figure_obj.axes,
color=kws.get('color', 'b'), color=kws.get('color', 'b'),
factor=kws.get('factor', 4), factor=kws.get('factor', 4),
xoy=kws.get('xoy', 'x'), xoy=xoy,
fill=kws.get('fill', 'g'), fill=kws.get('fill', 'g'),
anote=kws.get('anote', False)) anote=kws.get('anote', False))
figure_obj.update_figure() figure_obj.update_figure()
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