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Add changebars in margin when tracking changes and exporting to pdflatex.

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Changebars Module

This module allows you to add "changebars" (vertical bars) in the margins of documents, signaling where changes have been made.


The changebar package (changebar.sty) must be installed.


In Document > Settings... > Modules, select Change bars and click Add followed by OK.

Change bars will appear in the output only if Document > Change Tracking > Show Changes in Output is selected.


  • The Change bars module currently does not work with XeTeX or dvipdfm output, and is untested with LuaTeX.
  • If the LaTeX dvipost package is installed, Change bars will not work with any compilation method other than PDF (pdflatex).


Please consult the package documentation for details regarding options to the changebar package. One commonly used option determines the placement of the change bars. The choices (fairly self-explanatory) are outerbars, innerbars (default), leftbars and rightbars. To specify the location, enter the corresponding option value in Document > Settings... > Document Class > Class options > Custom:.

Tested configurations

  • LyX 2.1.4
    • DVI
    • PDF (pdflatex)
    • PDF (ps2pdf)
    • Postscript